Midtown East hotel is another hotel that has been created and also launched in the market by the Westgate group. This is another one of the oldest monuments which were built in the city and also many people are coming to stay at this hotel at least once, so this is a huge hotel just like the Westgate hotel and resorts that you find in America. This hotel is located in Tudor City, which still comes in the district of NYC, and it is located in the downtown of the city, which makes it easy for people to travel to anywhere they want, and also there are no restrictions on the check-in and also the checkout timings of the hotel which allows the people the privilege of 24/7 check-in and check-out timings. This is a hotel that is located a 20-minute distance from the LaGuardia airport, which means that more foreign tourists visit and book a stay in this hotel due to its location in the city. The Westgate group have built a different kind of attractions and also amenities that have been built by them so that the people can enjoy without leaving the hotel for a single moment.